How To Apply Eye Liner

Makeup a essential element for the women because it enhance the beauty of the females and makes them a beauty and gives a pretty look.  So we have to follow such makeup that can make us beautiful because sometime we follow such makeup that gives an awful.  So we have to be very carefully selecting a makeup for a function.   Eyes shapes are matter greatly.  The eyes shapes of every person are different.  So you should have to trick that how to apply liner on any kind of eyes. 
Liner should be apply to the eyes according to the shape and size of the female.  The hooded eyes have different liner.  The liner should apply from edge and comes towards the nose side of the eyes. The type of the function also matter greatly like if the function is of wedding than we will need a traditional look, so we have to follow a traditional makeup.  On the other hand if the function is of party than we should have to follow glamorous makeup for night parties r home parties.  There are many more tips that can make you unique and pretty at home pretties.

Skin texture is an important point to follow a makeup because if the skin is neat and glowing you will look pretty more and even a simple makeup can enhance your skin and  beauty but if your skin is rough and contains acnes than you should have to follow such makeup that can covers your acnes and pimples.  So the texture of the skin varies greatly and we should have to select home party make up according to the textures of the skin. To follow a party makeup the shape of the face matter greater because we have to enhance the face style with the help of makeup.  The long face should need a round element with the help of face make up.  Same as the round face needs an oval look by makeup.  So we can say that the face shapes effect greatly the makeup.  Function time and season also matter because the there are different makeup for different season.  The time of the party also affect the makeup style.  If the party time is day time than you should have to follow a light element in the makeup.  On the other hand if the party time is night time than you should have to follow dark colors in the makeup because it will gives unique look in the party.  So we can say that the season and time of the party affects the makeup greatly. For parties makeup the style of your dress also matter.  So we have to do such makeup that can suit to your dress.  If you have to use or wear a short dress so you should have to select smoky or glittered type make.  On the other hand if you have to select the long or a casual dress than you should have to follow the soft or natural make.  These tips will have to enhance your personality and beauty. Smoky eyes with lush lashes are a most beautiful eye makeup for home party.  It is considered as the best eye makeup for night home party. Iridescent pink makeup is a best makeup for glowing skin for a day home party because o gives a young and teenage look.  It is considered as the best makeup for a home party.  These following tips are very helpful for selecting a home party.  So you should have the trick how to apply liner on different types of the eyes.

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