How to look pretty without makeup for teenagersHow to look pretty without makeup for teenagersHow to look pretty without makeup for teenagers

How to look pretty without makeup for teenagers

Teenage girls are naturally pretty. She has no need of makeup. Because it is the age of beauty for every girl. Every girl takes care of her skin. In this age girls wants to look more and more pretty. Every girl wants to look attractive, charming and beautiful.

It is natural that every girl wants that everyone attracts towards her. In teenage girls look pretty without makeup. Mostly girls don`t make over her face in teenage. In this age girls skin tone is very pure and real because nothing any cosmetic apply till this age so it is her natural beauty and it is very neat, clean and pure.

In this age no need have any cosmetic. Because makeup disturb your skin tone and your natural beauty gone. Makeup makes your skin rough, hard and full of acne. In this age mostly girls is the victim of acne just because the use of makeup and different cosmetics.

Mostly teenage girls want to feel beautiful without overdoing makeup. In this age you must be take care of yourself and nourishing your soul as much as your body. You also take care of your health and diet. You must be taking care of your inner system of your body. If your inner system is healthy your skin tone is automatically good, brighten and fresh.

  • Health

Take care of your health. Take good diet. Eat healthy food which makes your body system healthy and clean. Healthy food effects on your skin tone. So, you must eat green vegetables and salad, vegetables which are eaten without cook also. Vegetables and fruits are very useful and good for health. It makes your body active and fit. Spinach and cucumber are very good for health. Eat foods high in vitamin and nutritious. Keep the portion small and reasonable. Eat foods like vegetables, fruits and grains. It cleans your skin from inside. So, outer look automatically look fresh and clean.

You also drink water to make your stomach clean. Maintaining good hydrate by drink water at large amount. You must drink 20 to 30 glass water daily. A human body must require this range of water. Water helps you to brighten your skin tone. It also keeps your skin radiant and glowing.

If you maintain this diet, you have no need of any cosmetic or makeup. You look so pretty without makeup by doing this diet.

  • Maintaining good hygiene

Take shower daily to clean your body clean, fresh and odor free. Shower makes you fresh and active. Morning and evening time is the best time for shower.

Take care of your hair. Use oil before 2 to 3 hour from wash. Wash your hair after one day. Use conditioner on your hair must to maintain their shine. Try to find good shampoo and conditioner which is suitable for your hair. Every girl has different type of hairs so it is little difficult to chose good and suitable shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

Keep your skin cleanses and moisturizes daily morning and evening time both. It is important for your skin to make it soft and radiant, even an oily skin. Exfoliate your skin once or twice in a week to get rid from dead skin.

Brush your teeth daily twice in a day. Brush them when you get up at morning and go to sleep at night.

Take care of your nails. It is not important to go to salon for nails care. It is not important to polish your nails, just keep them clean. Without nail paints nails look so pretty. Just wash them daily.

  • Caring of your appearance

Take care of your appearance. Having great fashion sense which suits on you. Try magazines and online websites to know about fashion. The main thing is that what you like and what you want to wear and feel comfortable in, not anyone else says.

Don`t be use too much cosmetics on your face, just use an ordinary cream and then face powder and apply very light shade of lipstick to look unique, pretty, attractive, charming and beautiful. For teenage girls, heavy makeup is not suitable. You look overage with heavy makeup.

  • Caring for your inner self

Be yourself. Be as you really are. Keep your inner and outer same. Don`t be double face person. Don`t misguide anyone. Don`t misjudge anyone. Be positive always and everywhere. Make yourself strong. Make your soul clean and pure.

Always keep smiling face. Smile is a very beautiful thing. Smile makes you strong and positive. Always be confident even for any little thing. Be confident that you are beautiful, no matter other`s point of views about you. If you believe that you are beautiful no one say you anything. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. So be confident about you. If you believe it, others will too. Say sorry and thanks whenever you feel a relation is broken. These two words make the relation strong. It is not difficult to say sorry or thank to any one if you have any value for that relation. Always think about the positive side of matter. Make yourself as polite, unique

and good with others that everyone wants to copy your style or attitude and also inspire from you. Keep your inner self clean.

All of these things are very important for teenage girl. By doing these things you want no need of any makeup. You look so pretty without makeup after doing these things. It`s not tough to do for anyone.I hope it will help you to makes you beautiful and pretty without using makeup.

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