What Are the Latest Tile Trends for Your Houston Remodeled Bathroom

Tile is an excellent and luxurious finish for your recently redesigned restroom. It is intended to make a spa-like stylish and easy to maintain. In the restroom, tile functions well for flooring, showers, backsplashes, and decorative accent dividers.

Since your new washroom needs to meet both structure and user needs, think about not just colors, designs and textures that you like, but also think about your requirements for security and solace. Open restrooms can incorporate large format tiles with slip-resistant finishes. Radiant heat introduced underneath tile washroom and shower floors and shower seat seating can add a spa-like solace to your shower.

Shapes, Patterns, and Finishes of Tile to Choose From

Currently, homeowners seek out a variety of shapes and styles. Adding a personal touch to your bathroom can be as easy as implementing one of these tile shapes:





Basket Weave

Fish Scale






Notwithstanding exceptional tile shapes, there are other tile patterns to consider. For areas that won’t reach water, metallic tiles are awesome for an enhancing divider. Designs and remarkable, asymmetrical “art” walls are getting well known by blending color, style, shape, and texture to make a stand-out complement wall for your restroom. Property holders can choose mosaics or strong shades, matte or gloss finishes for tiles used in the restroom’s shower, specialty, flooring, or walls.

Introducing slip-safe tiles is extraordinary security insurance for some family units. Mortgage holders maturing set up, or those with versatility issues need to consider maintaining a strategic distance from tiles with smooth completions. Slip-safe tiles don’t need to discourage shading and style decisions; for instance, you can have custom medicines added to the tiles you pick. Get some information about slip-safe medications that can be added to your tiles, yet remember it can cost more than standard tiles because of extra work, supplies, and instruments.

Larocque group Loves Tile in the Bathroom: From Traditional to the Latest Trends

Whatever your design needs for your new bathroom, the Larocque group can help you plan a space that incorporates beauty, function, and style. Our goal is transforming your home and enriching your life!

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