Yoga to lose weight

Yoga to lose weight

Yoga is the best way to lose weight. We study many tips about to lose weight but not all are helpful. Some are not useful or sometime a human body cannot afford that tips or work out. So we should be careful when we can do anything to lose our weight. Lose weight is a very good thing but for those who are the victim of obesity. If you are already thin you should not do anything to lose your weight. if you are looking forward for best yoga mat you can click the text

A teenage girl must be having 50 kg. if she has, she could not do anything for losing weight. But mostly girl want to look more and slimmer, but this is not a good thing. If you have 50 kg weight, it is enough for you. If you will be do yoga and exercise and also diet so your weight will be lose but at the same time you can lose your energy. It makes you slim but not active and energetic.

Losing weight is not only your aim. You also see that are healthy, active and able to do your works easily. You must see all of these things. Because you are not healthy losing weight is not helpful for you. You must take care about your health. Health is everything for us. If you are healthy you lead a better and beautiful life easily.

Yoga is a very good thing. It will help you to lose weight. It is not only useful for lose weight also useful for muscles and makes your body flexible. Yoga makes you active and makes your mind fresh. If you have a healthy body, you must have a healthy brain in it. A healthy brain is very important for every person to live a better life. Yoga makes your mind healthy and active. If you have a active and sharp mind you will be able to do multiple tasks at the same time and also work for long time.

Here I am telling you different posses of yoga which are easily done and also very helpful to lose your weight.

  • Boat posses

This pose helps you to lose weight. This is little difficult for beginners. But it`s not too tough. For starter some precautions are important to follow. First of all you can do this pose with the help of chair.

In this pose you hands and legs are slightly up and you are sit on your hip. So, it is little difficult to control your balance but not impossible. It is done by practice and hard work. You have to sit by holding your back with chair`s front side. You have to attach your back with chair and then up your arms straight and slowly slowly raise your legs. Control your balance on your hip and after controlling your balance remove chair but carefully. If you are not satisfied about your balance you could not remove chair because you injured. Hold your thighs and also inhale yourself. You can do this for 10 to 20 seconds at start but later you should increase your time to 1 minute.

This pose helps you to burn your fat and makes your mind active. It also helps you to strengthens the abdomen, hip floors and spine.

  • Extended side angle pose

This pose is very easy to do. For beginners it is very easy and useful yoga pose. Beginners can do this easily. Firstly you stay straight then extend your legs as much as you can do easily, curve your right leg and bend your left leg, your toe and are in side of right leg. Your both foot shapes and side are be same side. Now put your right hand down but touch only your fingers on floor not your palm, then take your left arm straight upward and your palm and fingers are also straight and open towards sky or your roof whatever you have. Extend your left arm and leg in opposite side.

You have to do this step for 30 second to 1 minute with inhale. You can bend yourself towards front and back both side as much as you can.

For beginners touch the right hand to floor is little difficult. Take someone help when you can do this first time, which is hold you when you are taking your position. After taking your position and control your balance on heels of both the foots, leave him and do it for 30 seconds at start and then increase your time limit to 1 minute. It will helps you to lose your weight. It will help you to strengthen and stretches your legs, knees, shoulder, arms, lungs, groins, spine, waist and chest. It also helps you to stimulate abdominal organs and increase stamina.

  • Four limbed staff pose

This is difficult one. This pose is difficult to do but with practice you can do this. Don`t be hopeless if you can`t do this just do again and again and after some struggle you will be succeed. It is difficult but also very useful for losing weight. First of all you sit on a yoga mate and then put your palm straight on floor, bend your knees, take your arm shoulder to knees equal to your back. Then put your legs straight and just toe and fingers touch the floor in a curved shape. Now you are in your pose. Now take your body up and down in a straight form, not touch any part of your body on floor. Take your body straight from foot to head when you take your body up and down, also do this with inhaled. You can do this for 30 second and after grip on it you can do it for 1 or 2 minutes or more. When you go down stop your breath and stay for 10 second maximum and then up your body again and leave breath.

It helps you to lose weight and also strong your muscles and bones.

  • Upward facing dog pose

This pose is very easy to do. It is very easy for beginners. Beginners can do this easily.

Now lie down, your face is toward floor. Then you’re full up side of your foot touch the floor. Your body from foot to thigh touch the floor, your body from belly to head did not touch on floor. Take your hand palm straight on floor. Then you are in correct position. Now curved your back upward as up as you can easily do with inhale. When you curved your back stop breathing and do it at start for 10 seconds, and then keep your body straight and leave breath.

It strengthens your spine, arms and wrist. Stretches your legs, shoulders, arms and chest. Firms the buttocks. It helps to relieve in depression, stress fatigue and sciatica. It is also good for asthma.

Now these are some posses of yoga which helps you to lose weight and also makes your body fit and active. You must work out on these posses at your home but with safety. I hope it will help you to lose your weight. Those people who are injured or have some medical issues like headache, pregnancy, back injury, menstruation, insomnia, heart problem and neck injury, could not do this posses.

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